"Minimalistic fineline drawings with modern colors on simple tees"

Illustrations by: Asta Sylvester


ASTASYLVESTER is created in spring 2017, bringing the creative but yet simple style that the youth is seeking in a modern world.  

ASTASYLVESTER's ambition is to create relatable and creative illustrations printed on clothes, that can be worn in a everyday life by everybody. I strive to continuing creating honest clothes that I can vouch for, at affordable prices.

ASTASYLVESTER focus on loyalty to the customer and provides the best possible service for a good shopping experience. 

Who is Asta Sylvester? 

I am a 20 year old woman from Denmark, and the owner and creator of the brand ASTASYLVESTER. I believe that the clothes we wear should empower our confident and personality, even on a everyday basis. 
I have always had a passion for art and simple illustrations. Therefor i wanted to incorporate creativity and simplicity in basic clothes in hopes of bringing more thought and personality into our everyday-wear.